• RFID tickets with the primary chips available on the market
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Use at different resorts and for complementary services
  • Efficiency, speed and economy service using fanfold tickets and thermal printer solutions
  • Multiple applications to improve your business areas
  • Company ID personalization and possible sponsors to improve your incomes
  • Endurance
  • Fast scanning of users through the gates and no counterfeiting



  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Water resistant tickets
  •  Various different options of sizes, according to client needs
  • Fanfold and single tickets
  • One-time printable – multiple times codable
  • Polychrome print
  •  Against fraud
  •  Suitable for permits
  •  Hands-free access
AGJ offers a FULL PACKAGE including thermal RFID printers and RFID thermal tickets. This package grants an extended guarantee of the printer and print heads life and, mainly, that everything will work in the most efficient way.


  •  Dimensions : Ticket size 54x85,7 or as per client needs
  • Technology: RFID according to ISO 15693 or ISO 1443/a or according to client needs
  • Materials: special materials; water resistant
  • Surface: scratch-resistant
  • Typical period of use: up to 10 days
  • Against fraud: transaction security; password protection, data encryption
  • Manufacturing quality: 100% quality check, failure rate smaller than 5 promille fanfolded tickets, 1 promille single tickets
  • Ambient conditions: -30° C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F); 0% to 100% relative humidity
  • Storing conditions: in its original packing between -5° C and +25°C (+41°F and +77°F); with a relative humidity of max 60%
  • Frequencies: 869-915 MHZ-UHF / 13.56 MHz – ISO 14443 / 13.56 MHz - ISO 15693




The laser engraving is an extremely flexible permanent marking system. It replaces more and more the other less efficient and more expensive marking systems like the pad, the hot stamping and the serigraphy.

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The basic components of an RFID system are the transponder  (also called “tag”) which is made by a tiny memory chip combined to a mini inlay and to read/write devices with their antennas.

The system can manage and verify la validity of the ticket and the identification data.

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